April 2, 2020 / BY Matthias Barker

50 Enriching and Productive Things To Do In Quarantine

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many of us have chosen (or been mandated) to stay in our homes and practice social distancing.

Perhaps you’re working from home and your weekends/evenings are looking different being trapped in the house. Or, like many of us, you are on pause with your job or have experienced unemployment. Most of us have extra hours in the day we weren’t expecting and some of us have children who are home from school and getting bored with the activities that have kept them occupied for the past few weeks. For some of us, we held a busy work pace for a long time and this new-found down-time is a much needed time to rest and recharge. For others of us, we are growing tired of the lounging and are feeling a need to create, improve, or enhance ourselves or our environment. So here’s some ideas I’ve compiled beginning with enriching and reflective and moving towards active and productive:


Start a journal

Call old friends

Write a letter to someone


Do yoga


Look up funny dog/cat videos

Go through your camera roll

Go through a sentimental box

Write short stories

Do the Future Authoring program (google it)

Read “the ethicist” on NYtimes

Take a personality test (Big 5, myers briggs)

Do karaoke


Take a nap

Spa day

Read outloud with a partner/kid

Make new playlists on Spotify

Take some photos

Read poetry

Read a novel

Read a comic book

Indoor picnic

Sort through old clothes

Make a vlog

Memorize poetry

Memorize bible verses

Memorize your friends birthdays

Memorize phone numbers

Memorize recipes

Make your bed


Organize home photos/videos into albums

Clean out the fridge

Do your income taxes

Organize your spice rack alphabetically

Clean your closet

Wash your car

Clean out your car

Shampoo your car seats

Clean up your computer

Make a budget

Check expiration date of pantry items/spices/sauces Organize the basement

Organize the pen drawer

Go through your mail/email

Make a backyard/window garden

Rake/pull weeds/mow/trim

Clean out garage

Fold/hang-up/iron your clothes


Matthias Barker completed his masters in clinical mental health counseling at Northwest University and is currently practicing at Family Essentials Counseling. Matthias is working towards specialization in treating children who have undergone severe abuse as well as men recovering from childhood abuse. Before pursuing a counseling career Matthias held pastoral positions at various churches serving as a youth pastor and college internship coordinator. In his free time, he enjoys making ceramic, collecting house plants, and cooking BBQ. Matthias and his wife Paige live in Spokane, WA.




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