Illuminate God’s grand design as the sex-maker.

Shine light on Christ-centered relationship.

Live in the fullness of life we were created to take part!


We were made for relationship.

God invented sex.

God created sexual desire.

God gave us a time and place to experience the joy of sex!


Brave: I will courageously share my story and experiences despite the tendency to keep these issues in the dark.

Truth-Seeker:  There are many things that promise full life in today’s culture but I will seek to know true life found offered in Jesus Christ.

Powerful: I will use my voice to empower others to pursue a life of sexual integrity, knowing that I have the ability to change the status quo.

Resilient: Healthy relationships almost never come without challenges; but I choose to rise from the ashes and fight for true life and true relationships.

Gracious: I understand that everyone’s journey with sexual integrity looks different and may be difficult to talk about. I will have understanding and patience with others as they continue this conversation.

Radiant: I choose to bring to light true life and true relationships in a way that spreads the message of sexual integrity.


Illuminate True Life and True Relationship in Style:

Start the conversation: Let’s talk about sex, Illuminators. True change only happens when you have the courage to speak up. Illuminate your voice. Illuminate truth. How have you discovered true life and true relationship with your journey with sexual integrity?

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