Parenting Biblically In The Wild World Of Social Media Part 2: COVID19

April 12, 2020 / BY Sex + Christian Parents Podcast

So, we are in quarantine… how do I parent through social media use during this unique time? 

On this follow-up episode of Sex + Christian Parents, we engage the conversation around social media a bit more, this time in the context of quarantine during the global pandemic of COVID19.

We are joined once again by school counselor and speaker Kara Twining, and Walt Mueller to discuss opportunities and challenges regarding social media that are present in this unique time.

In this episode we talk through:

Ways we can learn from our kids during this time in quarantine.

Some things we can do to we can enter their world and create opportunities for great conversation.

The importance of creating healthy structure and routine throughout your day to grow closer to your family.

Observations about social media and culture during this unique time.

The importance of taking personal inventory of potential idols and how we’re spending our time during quarantine.

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