Laying A Biblical Framework For Sex In The Home

March 30, 2020 / BY Sex + Christian Parents Podcast

How do you navigate a conversation about sex with your kids? 

On this episode of Sex + Christian Parents, we will seek to equip and empower parents to be the authority in their home regarding sex, sexuality and relationships. 

Join us as author and speaker Jim Burns, and speaker and mother of three children  Joanna Hyatt build a healthy foundation for talking with your children about sex.

In this episode we talk through:

Laying the foundation for a Biblical Sex Ethic in your home.

Addressing your own personal past, brokenness and healing.

Simultaneous growth between you, your spouse and your family.

What does the Bible have to say about sex? We were sexual before we were sinful.

When is the right time to have these conversations with your kids?

We must be aware that humans are waiting longer and longer to get married. How does this play in to singleness, dating, and young adulthood? 

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