Our Mission

Project Six19 is not a purity movement. Rather, we are a movement
designed to empower people to live out relationships in a way which
brings TRUE LIFE, centered on Christ.


Project Six19 draws its name from the exhortation Paul gave Timothy, a young disciple, to “take hold of the life that is truly life.” We live in a culture that loves sex but hold little value for its true essence. As a result, many of today’s youth and young adults are embracing a life that is not truly lived. They are seeking truth and life in things other than the one available to them in Jesus Christ, especially when it comes to issues relating to sex, sexuality, and relationships. However, these issues are much larger than just promoting healthy sexual behavior. It is about everything else that lies beneath the surface: insecurities, depression, diminished self-worth, and shame from past experiences.


There are many barriers to healthy dialogue surrounding this topic. That is why we want to be a catalyst assisting communities to openly discuss healthy relational perspectives while at the same time point the hearer towards Jesus Christ. When conversations like these take place, the discussion on sexuality becomes a communal experience and the veil of secrecy and shame is replaced with the light of transparency and healing.

We do this thru three unique approaches

HOW WE DO IT We develop resources for three unique audiences


The home is the first and most important place for children to learn the value of sex and relationship. As the voice of culture grows louder, so too must the influence of the parent. That is why Project Six19 has partnered with a nationally recognized ministry, The Center for Parent Youth Understanding, to establish the Sexual Integrity Initiative. The Sexual Integrity Initiative is an online resource dedicated to empowering and equipping parents to become the authority on the subject of sex and relationship in their son and daughter’s life.

We have also developed several seminars that are meant to assist and provide resources for families to have these difficult conversations. We aim to empower parents to move beyond communication that simply lists all the restrictions and ‘don’ts’ and helps them instead proclaim true sexual freedom by explaining the full and wonderful breadth of God’s grand design as the sex-maker.



Christ-centered conversation and dialogue surrounding sex, sexuality, and relationship are greatly needed in our churches today. Congregations are in need of messages that restore and give hope. Unfortunately our pews are filled with sexually broken and hurting people who often feel nothing but shame surrounding these topics. We’ve developed resources for teens, young adults, youth workers, and church leaders that create impactful and lasting impressions that are centered on the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. These conversations work to point people towards a greater “yes” rather than a list of restrictive “no’s” when it comes to honoring God with our sexuality.



Project Six19 has developed a respected and sought after public school presentation, Life Up Close, which empowers students to make healthy choices regarding sex and view their sexualized culture through critical lens. This four-part conversation based series encourages students to think about their choices, the media they digest, and consider the emotional, physical, and relational benefits of living with sexual integrity.



Thank you for following along in the work God is doing through the ministry of Project Six19.

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