Parenting Biblically – A Conversation

April 7, 2020 / BY Sex + Christian Parents Podcast

Sometimes the most helpful thing is simply listening to other people that are walking the same road that you are.

In this episode of Sex + Christian Parents, we are joined by Marty and Charese, who are both parents that discuss the importance of engaging this conversation with their kids. They share their own experiences with navigating this subject, and give advice to what has worked well and also what to avoid when having this conversation with your child.

In this episode, we will tackle the following:

How to first address your own past and experiences.

How important it is to recognize, as Parents, we have a HUGE influence on how our kids view sex.

What are our kids exposed to on a daily basis (social media, school, cultural messages), and how can we best be aware of this and engage these conversations with our kids? 

How do we know what is age appropriate and what is not? 

What other social cues do our children present that  we should be aware of?

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