Volume 01 – Tape 06 – Me, Myself, and I

Marriage – if your under the age of 20 it is possible that you still have another 10 years to... LISTEN NOW

Volume 01 – Tape 05 – Not Worthy

Shame is this thing that if you let it fester communicates things about you that are simply not true. Shame... LISTEN NOW

Volume 01 – Tape 04 – Porn: Not Worth It!

Pornography. It is having an impact on men and women. However, we rarely hear from women who were exposed to... LISTEN NOW

Volume 01 – Tape 03 – Caught Up In The...

Social media is this world unto itself. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of those that get caught up in... LISTEN NOW

Volume 01 – Tape 02 – Knock, Knock, It’s Love

Love. There is Hollywood’s way of looking at relationship. This includes falling in love and making the focus center on... LISTEN NOW

Volume 01 – Tape 01 – The Foundation

Sometimes we can forget that we’ve been fearfully and wonderfully made. But that is exactly what scripture proclaims. In the... LISTEN NOW