May 23, 2020

Episode 07: The Pornography Conversation – Part 2


For this follow-up episode, our co-hosts were joined again by therapist and speaker Michael John Cusick, author and speaker Dina Alexander as well as Walt Mueller to discuss parenting your children through pornography struggle. For part two of this conversation, we discuss what to do if you catch your child watching pornography, ways to have conversations around pornography in your home, and ways to protect your children and home.

Resources our guests from this episode recommend:

Restoring The Soul

Surfing For God: Discovering The Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggles

Educate Empower Kids

Center For Parent Youth Understanding (CPYU)

Sexual Integrity Initiative

Common Sense Media

Resources we recommend:

The Very Good Sex Talk

Filters and software recommended in this episode:

Disney Circle

Koala Safe

Covenant Eyes

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