April 27, 2020



The Coronavirus quarantine has changed just about everything in our lives. That’s certainly true for our kids as well. While they have already been spending several hours a day engaged with their smartphones, the stay-at-home order and school shut-downs have given them more time to fill with their eyes on their screens. One of the dangers is that this gives them more time to find pornography, and more time for pornography to find them. What can parents do to engage in constructive conversations about God’s design for His good gift of sexuality, and the dangers of pornography’s expression of broken sexuality? Stick with us as Jason Soucinek and I engage in a conversation with the author of the book Surfing for God, Michael John Cusick, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

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Resources, links, or other helpful tools mentioned in the podcast:

Michael J. Cusick
Restoring The Soul
Restoring The Soul Podcast
Porn site allows Italians to watch all its content for free during the country’s coronavirus lockdown
Sexual Integrity Initiative
Children and Pornography Fact Sheet
A Parents’ Primer on Internet Pornography
Project Six19

Books mentioned or helpful to the conversation:
Surfing For God: Discovering The Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle by Michael John Cusick
Our Bodies Tell God’s Story: Discovering the Divine Plan for Love, Sex, and Gender by Christopher West
2 Books by Curt Thompson (The Soul of Shame and Anatomy of the Soul)
Addiction & Grace: Love and Spirituality in the Healing of Addictions by Gerald G. May
The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence

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