August 13, 2021



People have always had questions, doubts, and objections to the Christian faith. Kids growing up in today’s youth culture are no exception. As they marinate in a cultural soup that encourages them to rely on their own intuition rather than biblical authority, the challenges to embracing a lifetime of following Jesus are very real.  And I fear that the nurture taking place in our homes, churches, and youth groups all too often remains shallow, leaving kids to simply embrace the cultural narrative, rather than engaging with solid biblical answers to their questions. One of the best resources to remedy this is Rebecca McLaughlin’s new book, 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask and Answer About Christianity. Stay with us as we chat with Rebecca about helping our kids find life-giving answers to their toughest questions, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.


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Resources, links, or other helpful tools mentioned in the podcast:
Rebecca McLaughlin – website
Rebecca McLaughlin – books
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Books mentioned or helpful to the conversation:
10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (And Answer) about Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin
Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion by Rebecca McLaughlin
The Secular Creed: Engaging Five Contemporary Claims by Rebecca McLaughlin

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