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Motivate your youth with the message of sexual integrity with this conversation-based series. Project Six19 has learned that some of the best education on sex comes not from lecturing youth but from including them in the dialogue. That is your job with this material!

This series will paint the grand picture seen in scripture and go beyond the ‘just don’t do it’ rhetoric and explore God’s grand design for sex as the sex-maker. You will help your students build a foundation for future conversations on sex and relationship that stay centered on Jesus Christ.

Week 1: What does the Bible say about sex?
Week 2: Is sexual integrity possible?
Week 3: The journey of waiting!

This Resource Includes:
User guide (PDF)
Outlines for each week: includes questions, bible verses, cultural analysis, biblical overview (PDF)
Graphic elements with logos and illustrations A title and background graphic (JPEG and EPS)
Title slides for powerpoint or keynote (PNG)
Promotion packet: advertising slides, e-cards, posters, postcards




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