June 5, 2020 / BY Jason Soucinek

The Very Good Sex Talk: Part 1

The following post is a highlight reel to our most recent e-course, The Very Good Sex Talk. Be sure to check out the full video series here!

It is so important as a parent, or grandparent, to prepare you for the many conversations ahead, and explore God’s design for sex.

Teaching your children (and grandchildren) how best to align their sexual lives with the Creator’s plan is one of the many things we have to do as parents.

Talking about sex is more of a process, than it is a confrontation.

Whether you know it or not, your kids are already learning from you. Simply by watching you doing life. The way we engage our spouse. The way we interact with others. The way we engage technology and media. The way we talk about all the other sensitive subjects.

All of this will be IMPRESSED on our children.

Our children are learning from us. Whether we are aware of it or not. And it will have an impact on the talk we have around sex and sexuality.

We must understand that the Christian sexual ethic is not something for us to hide from or seek to avoid. The Creator of the Universe, God, declared that His creation was not just good, after humans were made in His image, rather it was VERY GOOD!

If there is one thing I want you to hear right now it is this – Your Voice Matters!

Your kids want to hear your value.

The unfortunate reality for many of us is that we didn’t have this conversation modeled to us ourselves. Because of this, a parent-teen communication gap surrounding sex exists. How can we close this gap?


Making sure you are ready for this dialogue personally before ever discussing this with your son or daughter is incredibly important.

Sometimes, even if we don’t intend on it, we can parent out of our own pain, hurt, and shame.

Some of the healing will come from a new understanding of scripture. It might also come from a better understanding of the body and God’s beautiful intent for sex.

It is also important to recognize that helping our children align their sexual lives with the Creator’s plan is one of the greatest opportunities we have as parents.

And the good news is that it doesn’t need to happen in one talk. It can happen over many years and many different talks.

Do you want to dive into this more? Do you want to learn how exactly to engage in the conversations with your kids?

Check out “the Very Good Sex Talk” video series, where we dive into scripture to better understand how to align our sexual lives, and lives of our children, with the Creator’s design. Click here to begin today!




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